Led Yacht Name: RGB / RGB+W Collection

Led Yacht Name: RGB / RGB+W Collection

Don’t limit yourself to black & white

In the last two years, thanks to our background in naval electrical/automation systems and in LED lighting solutions, we decided to make high quality Led Yacht Name.

To manufacture IP68 backlit boat name we use only high quality material resistant to marine environment.

Such as:

  • Stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Special Acrylic polycarbonate for marine applications/ environments
  • Specific resin to seal the LEDs and ensure an IP68 protection degree
  • Different types of color temperature from cool to warm white
  • RGB or RGB+W
  • Special processes to polish and passivate steel in use

The RGB / RGB+w collection of led yacht name is particularly creative and adaptable to any type of boat.

The owner can choose RGB or RGB+W systems to create special effects even playing with colours in contrast with hull paint and the finish of the steel.

To manage this world of colours, we study a specific Colour Management System: Varilight

With Varilight systems you can control the operating system (on/off switches, color changes, etc..) by a touch-screen, your smartphone, tablet and many more.

RGB RGBW 4C innovation
Unleash your imagination

For more info write to: info@4cinnovation.it

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