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Navigation Led Lights



All in One All built in design


4C Innovation’s Navigation Led lights do not require additional devices f or lights control and alarm, because electronics is embedded inside the light. This is a real innovation, because all the systems present in the market, try to control the state of the lights by devices installed in the switchboard. With 4C Innovation  navigation led lights, you can reduce the time of installation and the wiring inside the switchboard.

Main Feature:

  • Self-diagnostic capabilities of the light.
  • Less technical space in electrical panels: than the systems until now in use
  • Easy installation: Wires have only to reach control board to collect all functions/alarm available.

cables schema

Security Navigation Control System


Thanks to the experience, which Cantalupi Group has matured over the years of activity in electric system, on-board systems and use of the LED, it was possible for the department of Research and Development to create a new system able to ensure the security on the navigation lights.

4C Innovation Navigation Led Lights are able to send an alarm in two particularly cases:

  • When there is a short circuit; 
  • When the Led loses brightness without shutting down.

Usually with LED lights, it is not possible to make a current control, for the same reason:

  • LED can go in short circuit;
  • LED may deteriorate without shutting down; this does not guarantee the brightness required certifications COLREGs.
    So we have found a new way to ensure the security during night navigation


Short Circuit Detection System

The alarm occurs in case of short circuit conditions of the LED

Pre cable

Wires have only to reach control board to collect all functions/alarm available

End of life monitoring System

The alarm occurs in case of navigation light is off


Naval Design
all the same size

For single or double deck light is always the same shape and size

Avionics technology

The R&D department use an avionic technology for light control and alarm.

Three High quality

4C Innovation’s Navigation Led Lights may have three finishes: – Black Alluminium – Gray Alluminium – Stainless Steel



4C Innovation Navigation Led Lights are certified for boat over 50m. and MCA Class by MED and of US Coast Guard. The test reports have been sent to the Lloyd’s Register, who has validated them and released the formal MED certificate. In addition, the control system of the Navigation Led Light has been certified.

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

IR (Insulation Resistance)

IP68 (International Protection degree)

Electromagnetic Compatibility Test

Environmental Test Report


WORKING FOR QUALITY: Our products are developed and tested according to a welldetailed process, dedicated to quality control. We know that we are providing innovative and technical products that work in reliably even under extreme conditions typical of sea life. At our client, we ensure a double quality check of production batch: The first made by our engineers and at the same time a second control made by Inspector accredited of the Lloyd’s Register who follow us in all phases of the quality test.

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