Cantalupi Family

Dear Customers

Our story tells about a big family that with passion, dedication and perseverance is committed every day in the service of customers to satisfy every need and to propose always new and unique solutions in electrical systems, automation, lighting and technological research.
Today we are proud to be a team of happy people, because we work in a familiar environment for innovative production, a growing and unique group, recognized around the world.
This is the Cantalupi Group.
Welcome to our world.

Cantalupi Gorup
Cantalupi Electric systems
Cantalupi lighting headquarter
4C Innovation headquarter

Thanks to the Network of relationships created by the Cantalupi Group in more than 60 years of activity as the 4c like the other Group’s Companies can rely on a widespread presence in worldwide character: such as United State of America, Europe,Turkey, Arab Emirates or Asia.


Thanks to the strong relationship we have built with our partners, 4C INNOVATION manages to be consistently near to customers, following them in all the production process until the after sales service.

a worldwide group
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